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Wholesale & Bulk Orders of ThermoDetect Pro™ Infrared Thermometers

Need infrared thermometers in bulk? ThermoDetectUSA is the procurement partner you need.

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ThermoDetectUSA™ bridges the gap between large scale manufacturers and worldwide consumers & institutions, distributing 1,000s of pallets of infrared thermometers around the globe every single week.

Our specialized supply chain can scale to meet steadfast delivery for any wholesale or governmental demand, anywhere in the world.

We are well-equipped to handle wholesale orders from as little as $4,000 up to $5MM USD.

ThermoDetectUSA’s manufacturing partners are amongst the largest worldwide producers of infrared thermometer technology, with accreditations in all major global markets, including North America, Europe, the UK & Australia.

ThermoDetectUSA™ is an American-owned company, incorporated under American law, with offices in Wyoming and Maryland U.S.A, a warehouse facility in California, as well as overseas offices in Newcastle, England and Singapore.

We cooperate with all leading global courier & freight services to ensure all necessary arrangements & documentation are provided to deliver goods in a timely manner, even at short notice.

Our shipments are carefully packed by trained employees and special care is exercised to ensure the proper & reliable handling of pallets.

ThermoDetectUSA™ employs only logistics partners that operate in accordance with EU GDP (Good Distribution Practice) directive 2017/1572.

Your dedicated account manager will discuss delivery options with you before confirming your order. Delivery options and times vary on order quantity and preferred shipping methods.

Please ask our sales team about specific offers and pricing.

We understand that post-payment may be required by the policies of your employer or department. This is only an option for the most creditworthy of institutions (primarily government).

Proud supplier to these great American institutions:
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